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Professional solutions for your kitchen

The most complete selection of measuring instruments for
kitchen professionals, HO.RE.CA. and the food industry :

  • HACCP precision thermometers, with colored probes,
  • Vacuum cooking thermometers,
  • Dial thermometers,
  • Data loggers,
  • Connected and wi-fi thermometers
  • Thermometers with protective sleaves, (for candy,
    milk and fridge/freezer )
  • Digital thermometers for oven, fridge and cooking,
  • Refractometers, pH-meters,
  • Timers,
  • Frying Oil Testers,
  • Infrared thermometers with laser pointers,
  • Hygrometers and Thermo-hygrometers,
  • Rain gauges & maxi-mini thermometers,
  • Colostrometers,
  • Hydrometers for salt , brine, syrup, coffee, honey, alcohol & wine
  • Wall thermometers,
  • Test jars…

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